Guitar and voice for rainy days.

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Sep 30

Boats and Birds - by Gregory and The Hawk


Found this today. It was actually a video, but I’m not posting that here. I recorded it a while back. It’s shitty but brought back some memories, so here it is.

Feb 14

I See Fire - by Ed Sheeran


Another unfinished cover, but.. oh well.

Jan 05

Stand By Me - by Ben E. King 


Short cover recorded with my friend Marc (+ the help of Sofía) - totally brings me back to that summer night in San José a few years ago. It eventually had to be uploaded here. I guess that 2014 felt like the right time for it.

Jan 04

I got an e-mail the other day reminding me that this Tumblr was 6 years old (that day). 6 YEARS OLD. 




Jun 21

Don’t Go - by Bring Me The Horizon ft. Lights


Jan 19

A Window To The Past - by John Williams (piano cover - Harry Potter POA Soundtrack)


Oct 19

Hope For Now - by City & Colour (guitar and flute)


Jun 08

I Miss You - by Blink-182


Really old cover, the first song recorded with the acoustic Seagull. Just realized it was never uploaded here. I’m not a big fan of Blink-182, but this song is another story.

May 15

Cosmic Love - by Florence and The Machine


Apr 21

Down By The Water - by The Decemberists (cleaner version)


Nov 05

De$olated Co$mo$ - Dawn Of The Maya’s Cover (con cariño! :))

hahahahaha :) 

Sep 11

Don’t Go - by Bring Me The Horizon ft. Lights


Sep 10

Secret Smile - by Semisonic


Jun 07

Happiness By The Kilowatt - by Alexisonfire (piano version)


So I just recorded this on piano. Not very happy about this version, so I’ll try to improve it sooner or later.. anyways. I thought this was the perfect song for a day like today (rainy and not productive at all).

Mar 13

And It Stoned Me - by Van Morrison


I haven’t finished it yet.. it still needs another voice + more guitar chords on the background.. but I’m lazy and I don’t want to record it. Sometime soon though.